I’m excited to announce the next phase of my career, and how that effects YOU, my world-changing nonprofit friends. First, let me say that my mission remains the same. I intend to be available to nonprofits in the Lincoln community to provide fundraising and marketing guidance so you can better achieve your missions.

Beginning March 1, 2017, I will join an organization I have long admired. As Vice President of Marketing for the Lincoln Community Foundation, I will lead the communications efforts for the Foundation and its many initiatives that invest in our community. I’m thrilled to be able to use my skills and passion for an organization that does so much for Lincoln.

Through that work, I will be available to nonprofit staff and volunteers who want to get advice about engaging supports and donor. I hope to be one more resource that the Foundation can give to local nonprofits to better meet their missions.

That said, the position will take about 2/3 of my time. The other third of my work will remain devoted to my business of helping nonprofits through training, board development and short term, one-on-one coaching.

Browse the Services section of my website to see how I can help. I’m not going away. I’m still here working hard to help nonprofits make Lincoln an even better place.